Our platform was built by using both sides of the equation. The physicians who helped found this company were pained by the fact that they spend more time running around than with their patients. On the other end, our non-physician founders were frustrated with how difficult it is to connect with their own doctor.


There must be a better way to communicate. Patients don't want to wait days to speak with their provider, and physicians don't want to spend all day scrambling.


GatewayMD is a telehealth company that delivers digital technology and services to clinicians seeking to provide care for their patients remotely.

GatewayMD expands patient reach by implementing the proper tools and technology for clinicians to extend care beyond office walls.

  • Telemedicine video visit platform

  • Integrative software that gathers patient data from connected devices.


Our mission is to help eliminate one of the biggest problems in healthcare: Limited access between providers and patients.


It is amazing how we can increase the quality of care if we just focus on enhancing access and information.