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Scheduling video visits with your clinician can get complicated

We make it easy

No more virtual waiting rooms
As easy as accepting phone calls

Telemedicine was originally created so patients could avoid waiting rooms. Most platforms have brought them back, and it is a shocker that patients still hate them...

By eliminating links and virtual waiting rooms, GatewayMD has made joining telemedicine visits for patients as easy as accepting incoming phone calls.

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Review and schedule appointments

Select Clinician

Select day

Select time

  • Proprietary video technology

  • HIPAA compliant cloud storage

  • Back-end encryption

  • Minimal patient information stored

  • ​Three clicks or less

  • Self-scheduling

  • User friendly 

  • Individual patient profiles 


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Smart Meter

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Blood Pressure Cuff


Blood Glucose Meter

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Smart Meter

Weight Scale

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  1. Insert the 4AA batteries that come in the box.

  2. Place the scale on a hard, flat surface.

  3. Tap the center of your scale and wait until 0.0 appears on the display

  4. Stand on the center of your scale.

  5. Step off the scale once your weight is displayed.

  6. A series of dashes will move across the display, indicating data is being transmitted.