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The Difference - GatewayMD's Clinical Staff

GatewayMD offers a turnkey remote patient monitoring solution for patients and providers. A key element when labeling GatewayMD as “turnkey” lies within their clinical staff. So, what makes GatewayMD’s clinical staff different from the rest?

Highly skilled and experienced

  • GatewayMD only staff’s nurses and nurse while other organizations rely on medical assistants.

  • GatewayMD’s clinical staff support 6 different languages for patients that prefer to speak their native language.

  • The average GatewayMD clinical staff member has 10+ years of experience.


  • Over 95% of patients spend 20 min or more with GatewayMD’s clinical staff each month

  • Over 70% of patients take at least 16 days of biometric readings each month

Enhanced Patient Experience

  • With each patient assigned to a single dedicated nurse, GatewayMD’s model enables long-term, trust-based relationships between the patient and nurse.

  • GatewayMD, through innovative tools and technology, ensures patients are able to easily communicate with their care nurse throughout the day.

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