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The results are in - Patients love remote monitoring

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

GatewayMD is a telehealth company that specializes in the remote monitoring of patients with chronic diseases. GatewayMD leverages advanced technology to generate, gather, and analyze patient biometrics daily. Although this may seem heavily data driven, patient emotion and satisfaction towards their monitoring program is a key component that has helped enable the exponential growth and adoption within the industry.

“Earlier today I was on the phone with a patient. He had told me how appreciative he was that I call to check in,” said Lenora Ceballos, Assistant Director of Nursing at GatewayMD. “From the feedback I get from my nursing team and patients, patients are grateful and have a sense of relief that someone is consistently following up with them.”

GatewayMD partner Rimidi, a cloud-based software platform, conducted a 250-patient report that investigated patient feelings and emotions towards their remote patient monitoring programs (RPM). The report found that 70% of respondents felt that they can better manage their chronic condition after beginning the program. The report also found that 64% of patients feel more connected to their care provider and team.

Michael, a patient who is monitored by GatewayMD's nursing staff, states “I know now that should it (blood pressure) go up too high or too low someone is going to know about it and check on me. Diane is a great nurse and will check on me when she notices that the numbers are off. It’s nice to have someone watching out for you when you have a condition that, to me anyway, has no signs that I can feel that tells me I have a problem.”

It is evident that patients see the tremendous value in having a care staff remotely monitor the biometrics. GatewayMD and Rimidi continue to innovate their products and services to elevate the patient experience to even greater heights.

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