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GatewayMD is a telehealth company that enhances care access between patients and their providers 

How do we enhance access?

By implementing the proper tools and technology for clinicians to extend care beyond office walls.


Integrative software that gathers patient data from connected devices

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Cellular based devices that automatically transmits patient biometric data 


Platform that allows patients to schedule calls and video visits with their care team

What are people saying?

"GatewayMD has kept me in business"
"GatewayMD has felt like a family"
"... It has greatly impacted the way we service our patients..."

GatewayMD has felt like family. With the Covid19 crisis and such an immediacy of need, GatewayMD quickly swept in and helped me set up the teletherapy platform skillfully and efficiently.


At such a vulnerable time, I felt like I did not skip a beat in meeting the needs of my clients. GatewayMD has continued to be immediately available with any questions.


They have been caring, compassionate and patient. It has been a great comfort to me knowing they are there at the end of a quick phone call.


Like I said, GatewayMD has felt like a family.

- Dr Susan Trafton


Milwaukee Area

I am being reimbursed by Medicare and insurance as if I were in the office or nursing home. No difference at all.

GatewayMD has kept me in business

- Dr M.H

Primary Care Provider

Chicagoland Area

GatewayMD is a user friendly telehealth platform that is geared toward both provider and patient ease of use, It has greatly impacted our ability to service patients in both home health and hospice care services 

- Jay Jay Montenegro


Meridian Health Care



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