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Remote Patient Care 

Made Easy

What is




GatewayMD is a telehealth company that enhances chronic disease management between patients and their providers. 

How do we enhance access?

By implementing the proper tools and technology for clinicians to manage patient chronic conditions beyond office walls.


Integrative software that gathers patient data from connected devices

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Cellular based devices that automatically transmits patient biometric data 


Platform that allows patients to track their biometric readings and clinical progress

What are patients saying?

“I feel comfortable in knowing that I have a team on my side. Monitoring my blood pressure is easy and stress free.” 

Peter B.

Suffolk, NY

"It’s nice to have someone watching out for you when you have a condition that, to me anyway, has no signs that I can feel that tells me I have a problem."

Michael E.

Woodstock, IL

“This program has completely changed my life. I don't have to go anywhere or have someone else take my blood pressure.”

Mary W.

Texarkana, TX

“Monitoring our blood pressure has definitely given me peace of mind. I am extremely confident that GatewayMD is always there for me.”

Karen B.

Riverhead, New York

“My life has completely been changed. This program is really a game changer, my weight is down 70 pounds and my BP readings are well maintained.”

Muhammad R.

Sugar Land, TX

“My confidence level is at 10/10 regarding my BP management. I feel very comfortable that a care team is remotely monitoring me closely as I live alone.” 

Rafiq M.

Houston, TX



(224) 607-7254

Headquartered in Chicago

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