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Turnkey Remote Patient Monitoring Solution


Blood Glucose

Heart Failure

Weight + Blood Pressure


Blood Pressure

How can I monitor patient chronic conditions without adding to my workload?


EHR Integrative Software

  • Patient biometrics and data

  • Care team notes from interactions

  • Negative physiological trends flagged



Practice Support

  • Template treatment plans

  • Software training and support

  • Device training and support


Additional Intervention

Care Team 

  • Patient monitoring

  • Care management

  • Negative physiological trends flagged



Communication Platform

  • Free app - Patient self schedule video visits

  • Phone calls

  • Text messages 


Software and Services

RPM Software

We enable clinicians to remotely monitor their patients by enabling them to:

  • Monitor patient biometrics

  • Track physiological trends

  • Adjust treatment plans

  • Scale care team

  • Increase program enrollment

Remote patient monitoring of clinical markers like blood pressure, weight, and blood-glucose leads to better outcomes and is reimbursable through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS).


Care Team

GatewayMD’s clinical staff operates under general supervision to the supervising clinician and spends time with enrolled patients each month. 


Our care team documents each patient interaction directly in your EMR while focusing on improving patient compliance, care and trends. 

Having a third party conduct the monthly required time with each patient saves the physician and practice countless hours while providing patients with interactive communication from a healthcare professional.


Patient Devices

Patient-generated health data from connected devices like:

  • Blood pressure cuff

  • Scale

  • Pulse Oximeter 

  • Blood-glucose meter


Combining patient biometrics with clinical information from the EHR enable clinicians to provide remote care to their patients while analyzing patient-specific data. 


Video Visits

Patients can now freely schedule virtual appointments with their care team through GatewayMD's free application. 

  • Self scheduling tool

  • Appointment reminders

  • No virtual waiting rooms

  • No links

Now providers and patients spend less time setting up visits and more time speaking with each other.


Let us help you build your RPM program

Scale your program with less work

GatewayMD's care team, practice, intuitive software, training, and practice support makes running RPM programs effortless. We know you are busy, so let us do the heavy lifting for you and enroll more patients into your program.

Patient onboarding made easy

An effective onboarding process is critical for the implementation and adoption of any RPM program. GatewayMD works very closely with their partners to ensure an easy and effective patient onboarding and training experience.

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